How Much Does A Website Cost?

“How much does a website cost?”
The answer most people get is that “It depends”.

Many different factors are involved that can increase or decrease the cost. Our advice would be to speak with a few designers or agencies to get an idea of how much they charge and what you can get for your money, but before you do here’s a few things worth considering.

Cost factors involved

  • Level of customisation

    – templates vs fully bespoke. A Template will save time and money although may detract from the overall feel of the website. Something we feel is important is that you should have complete control over the final look – even templates can be customised.

  • Size

    – number of pages & images will increase the cost, customised pages even more so.

  • Functionality

    – ecommerce facilities, image galleries, email marketing etc. will naturally add to the development time an incur additional cost

  • Design services

    – logo design, copy writing, photographs? If you have them already they can save time and therefore money on your website.

  • Responsive design

    – this is a must have for any website today, it’s something we do as standard without being asked although it is worth noting that the more customised and larger the site is the more time it will take to make it fully responsive

  • Quality

    – Designing and developing a website that works and adds value to your business takes time, there’s no point in

Example costs

  • For a small business site with circa 5-10 pages worth of content, no bespoke functionality you could expect prices to start at £500, providing you create the content. If you are asking the development agency to create some expect to be paying around £50-£100 per page.

  • For a larger business site with the ability to change content and post news or blogs expect to be looking at closer to £1000. The same price for content, around £50-£100 per page if you don’t already have it.

  • E-commerce sites offer much more scope. For a simple site where you have a handful of categories and products prices would start at around £1000.
    However there are many more factors you should be considering such a targeting customers, the capability to share, SEO, targeting repeat business and many more. This means there really is no top end, it would be more worthwhile to get some advice and a few quotes for experienced developers.

Other things to look out for

  • Bespoke functionality

    – this could be customer relationship managers, stock management, campaign management or something totally different. The possibilities are endless and would likely depend on your business and budget.

  • SEO

    – Search engine optimisation is the art of getting your business seen on search engines. This will depend on your business and sector as to cost although a good developer should be able to give you plenty of tools and advice for you to manage some of this.

  • Hosting

    – Every website needs to be hosted, this usually starts at around £10 p/m for a small site increasing depending on the number of expected visitors. It is sometimes feasible to get hosting with your email provider.

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