5 Amazing Website Facts

Here at Pokettec we feel it’s important to keep up with current digital trends – how users view websites – new emerging software – latest technology – and many other factors. It’s only by keeping up to date that we can give our customers the best wen it comes to design, development and marketing.

With this in mind we have put together 10 interesting facts about websites and users today.

  1. 2 million UK business don’t have a website

    Websites offer a lot of potential for extra revenue, research carried out by Approved Index found that 2 million UK businesses don’t have a website with a staggering £343 billion per year in lost revenue, that’s £173,769 in turnover that the average business is losing out on by not being online.
  2. Mobile usage exceeds Desktop usage

    That’s right, more websites are viewed on Mobile/Tablet than desktop according to StatCounter. So if you have a website that isn’t mobile friendly, you may want to consider it. What’s more google has begun rolling out its mobile-first index meaning any site that isn’t mobile friendly or has a reduced content on the mobile version will suffer a penalty in the Search Engine rankings.
  3. Over 50 billion hours spent online in the UK each year

    87% of adults in the UK access the internet with an average of 21.7 hours spent each week browser according to ofcom. This figure has continued to rise year on year for well over a decade. Of these 3/4 use social networking sites with 2/3 using mobile devices. The findings highlight how important the internet has become to our everyday lives.
  4. Microsoft no longer the most popular Operating System

    Underlining the explosion in Mobile and Tablet usage Microsoft has been knocked of top spot by Android according to StatCounter. Windows still has the largest desktop usage with 84% of the total followed by Apple Mac OS on 12%.
  5. 10 seconds to grab the users attention

    When it comes to engaging your website visitors you should be aiming for 10 seconds. Research by Nielsen Norman Group shows that visitors will often make up their minds as to whether the website is useful for them in 10-20 seconds. A bad page will result in users leaving. However those websites offering a clear value proposition receive substantial extra time often over 2 minutes, this highlights the importance of good design and target audience research.

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