5 Reasons Your Business Needs Its Own Mobile App

  1. App Revenue Will More Than Double By 2020

    In 2016 revenue generated by Mobile Apps stood at £68bn. This is projected to increase each year and by 2020 stand at over £148bn.
  2. Mobile Payments To Increase By Over 800% In 5 Years

    Whilst downloads and usage have soared for years on mobile apps, payments made through them has been slightly slower. However this is set to change over the next 5 years. In 2016 around £82bn in mobile payments . This is projected to increase to over £670bn by the end of 2021.
  3. 74% Of Your Customers Have A Smartphone

    It is often said ‘Be Where Your Customers Are’ and right now your customers are on smartphones. 74% own them, 65% use them as much as any other device with an average of 66 minutes spent each day on mobiles.
  4. Brand Recognition

    Imagine being in the pocket of your customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. By having an app you can do this. Mobile phone are often the first thing people see in the morning and the last before they go to bed. Add into the mix the ability to send push notifications, location tagging and sharing, you have the perfect way to get your business seen and engage with customers.
  5. 90% of time spent on smartphones is on Apps

    On average users spend 90% of their time on applications vs browsing the web. Given the added functionality and ease of access this is hardly surprising. The benefits of this are endless, extra time spent on apps can be used for marketing your business & products as well as helping to make a sale.

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