Application Development

Mobile applications have taken off over the last few years opening up new revenue streams as well as great marketing opportunities.

Mobile applications offer a number of features above and beyond a traditional web application – The ability to work offline, to access hardware such as camera, storage and GPS along with a more captivated audience.

Advantages of a Mobile App

User Data

Mobile Applications have access to a lot of user data – name, age, location, social profiles, app usage history are just a few. Having access in real time to all of this information can open up huge opportunities with the ability to market your services or product to particular users, individual pricing for products or targeted ad or sale campaigns being just a small selection of popular choices.


When a user downloads your application your logo and name are on that device. Being visible every time a user unlocks their device gives fantastic exposure for your business. Application also have the ability to give users notifications, so whether your launching a new product, submitting a new review or posting a an update on your business you can notify everybody who has your app at once.

Stand out

Customers like to be kept updated with news, products and offers. Providing a mobile application is a fantastic way to do this and to provide a platform for customers to learn or do more. If your competitors have a mobile application you could be missing out, if they don’t you can offer customers something different.

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